Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Add £50,000 to the Value of Your Home in 7 - 14 Days?

Good news is that according to new research from the Federation of Master Builders  and the Home Owners Alliance (working with the The Guild of Property Professionals), it is possible to add almost £50,000 to the value of your home from between just 7 - 14 days.

The key findings from this research suggest the most effective projects that can add the most value to your home, in the shortest space of time. A range of typical locations from the UK are used for this. Typical suggestions include:
  • Removing an internal wall to create an open plan kitchen and diner can add £48,417 in seven days to an averagely priced home in London; 
  • Building a garden room or outside playroom for the kids can add £35,611 in 14 days to an averagely priced home in Surrey;
  • Investing in kitchen improvements such as new flooring, a new worktop and new cabinet doors can add £26,838 in eight days to an averagely priced home in Dorset;
  • Converting a cupboard under the stairs into a downstairs toilet can add £26,708 in seven days to an averagely priced home in Surrey;
  • Converting part of the master bedroom into an en suite bathroom can add £14,525 in 11 days to an averagely priced home in London;
  • Building a new driveway can add £13,354 in nine days to an averagely priced home in Surrey; 
  • Installing decking and lighting in the back garden can add £8,946 in seven days to an averagely priced home in Dorset.
Not included in this list, and whilst taking longer that 14 days (but costing considerably less money to achieve) would be a Full Planning Permission gained prior to selling. Plans submission to full approval would take around 30 days to achieve, and the cost of this, excluding any architect or designer fees, would be just the householder planning fee of £206 for a single dwelling. Check out the Interactive House guide to householder planning on the Planning Portal and download the RIBA's PDF guide Working with an Architect for your Home.


For a full list of the FMB and HOA projects, costs and the value they can add to your home broken down region by region, click here or see table extract below.

Other commercial information and guides produced in September 2018 by the online Property Workshop portal which acts as a self-styled "one-stop shop for home renovation and repair" also details it's own suggested '31 Home Improvements that Add Value (and 7 that Don’t!)'. Their site takes you through 31 different ways to increase your property value, with tips on how to maximise your profit and make your money go further.

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