Thursday, 3 March 2011

£5000 Innovation Voucher Award to Atoll

Atoll Ltd are very happy to announce they have just been awarded a £5,000 Innovation Voucher from the Technology Strategy Board for R&D exploring design and sustainable technology for a major new build housing project in Cheshire. Innovation Vouchers are designed to encourage businesses to look outside their current network for new knowledge that can help them to grow and develop. Start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses from across the UK were eligible to apply for an Innovation Voucher.

Atoll is  looking to investigate, evaluate and work alongside a number of targeted product and service providers. These include a range of technology consideratins from Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) to Ground Source Heat Pumps. It sees this external expertise coming from the private commercial sector, but see that the practices own design expertise could make the design outcomes much greater from both a design and sustainable perspective. This collaborative design approach will be of benefit to all  potentially.

Under the Innovation Voucher scheme, a grant of £5000 is offered to businesses to work with a supplier for the first time and is used to pay for knowledge or technology transfer from that supplier. The voucher has three key criteria:
  • The idea that you want help with should be a challenge for your business that means you need to look for specialist help
  • This should be the first time that you have worked with the knowledge supplier
  • Your idea should be applicable to one of the priority sectors

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